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Piaggio Aerospace seek receivership

It is with a deal of sadness that I must report that the P1.HH Hammerhead maybe no more. Italian manufacturer Piaggio Aerospace has asked to be put in receivership. A delay by the Italian Airforce in picking up the speedy canard is being blamed. Patrick and I marvelled at the Hammerhead when it made it’s Farnborough debut.

In 2015 Piaggio thought the Italian Air Force would be the launch customer of the P.1HH, acquiring three UAV systems, including six platforms and three ground control stations.  Nothing has come of that. A similar lamp burnt bright from the UAE.

Perhaps because the prototype airframe crashed into the Mediterranean Sicily on the 31st of May 2016 everybody thought twice.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte says that the government’s priority is to protect jobs at Italian aircraft maker Piaggio Aerospace, and will discuss the matter in the coming hours. What will they be rescuing though?

The rights to the manned P180 have apparently already been sold to a Chinese company.

Farewell weirdly named P1.HH Hammerhead, you were the coolest looking platform out there.


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