The KittyHawk

The KittyHawk performs rigorous applications that exceed the abilities of most UAVs on the market.  Like all Mobile Recon units, the KittyHawk is engineered to efficiently and effectively support a myriad of missions:

  • Carry temperature-sensitive supplies of up to 25 pounds in a transport box.
  • Monitor, count and track wildlife or other heat sources with thermal imaging or other sophisticated cameras.
  • Need to map terrain or inspect a structure?  Use a high end LiDAR unit.
  • And monitor weather with a sophisticated 2-point weather station.

What makes the KittyHawk different? 

It does heavy lifting!

  • Leading payload in its class – up to 26 pounds.
  • Full 3K (military grade) carbon fiber body, canopy, battery box, and propellers.  No plastic or fiberglass.

It’s versatile!

  • Mix and match components, with up to 5 operating simultaneously. See your many options below.
  • Mounts and gimbals for overhead, belly, and nose perspective cameras.
  • Waterproof motors for flight in all types of weather including rain, sleet and snow.

It’s safe!

  • Rotor protection. Rotors bounded by 3K carbon fiber rings to protect the rotors and prevent collateral exterior damage.
  • Return-to-Launch and Panic flight modes.
  • Geo-fencing, to avoid flyaways.
  • Retractable landing gear.
  • Armored battery boxes.
  • LiDAR Lite autonomous terrain sensing abilities to keep the unit flying level at low altitudes.

It has a long flight time!

  • Up to 30 minutes of flight time (varies by payload), utilizing two large LiPO batteries combined with top-of-the-line motors and carbon fiber propellers.
  • Optional onboard generator for 5 hours flight time.

It’s easy to operate!

  • Easy operation by a single operator or complete team.
  • Auto take off, auto land, and return-to-launch.
  • Autonomous flight.
  • FPV camera and optional monitor.
  • 16 channel transmitter, with telemetry and audio status reports.
  • Nearly 1,000 waypoints and 15 flight modes.
  • Here GPS.
  • Three built-in body hand grips to assist in handling and stabilization.
  • Delivered already configured, test flown, balanced, tuned and ready to fly!

And it’s American Made! The KittyHawk is designed and fully “Assembled in the USA”.Do Even More with These Options

All of the above features are standard on each KittyHawk. You also have the ability to add any of these options:

  • Up to 5 hours flight time (varies by payload) with an onboard 2,000 watt generator, with emergency battery failsafe, permitting a safe, controlled landing.
  • Light electro-optics, thermal, multi-spectral, PTZ.
  • Multiple gimbals and sport optical cameras.
  • 2-point weather station.
  • Transport container to carry up to 25 pounds of temperature sensitive supplies. Its payload could include 2 16.9 oz water bottles, 3 energy bars, Mylar blanket, Mylar tent and an FRS communication device. Or it can carry batteries, hot meals, medicine and first aid supplies or a variety of other amenities. You choose whether you want this cargo box made of carbon fiber, biodegradable PLA / cardboard, or ABS.
  • Ground penetrating radar, available if onboard generator used.
  • Self-leveling monopod landing platform. Ensures a clean takeoff and landing every time, no matter what the surface is like. This feature means no more broken struts or stuck retractable gear.
  • High capacity charger with charging bags.
  • Ground station for ground-based operations and tracking center.
  • Programmed transmitter, with up to 32 channels.
  • GPS tracking retrieval chip.
  • Real-time kinematic global positioning system (RTK GPS).
  • Pressurized unit transport case.
  • Flight, spotter and field repair training provided by certified UAV pilot and ground crew.
  • Replacement parts packages, like spare batteries and rotors.
  • United States-based support, repair and parts replacement.

Take a look at the KittyHawk specifications.  And see if your questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions.