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Lockheed Martin uses Aeromapper Talon for research

Lockheed Martin has acquired an Aeromapper Talon from Canadian UAV manufacturer Aeromao Inc, especially suited with a dual camera setup with long-range video transmission capabilities.
The Aeromapper Talon fixed wing autonomous aircraft suited the specific requirements for this project in which an affordable, reliable and customizable platform was sought. The purchase happened during the summer of 2018.
As part of the requirements, the forward-looking video sensor had to be capable of recording high-resolution video, send live video signal to a minimum distance of 20 miles, provide 10X zoom capability and tilt from horizontal to fully vertical on pilot’s command. Additionally, the UAV was required to carry simultaneously a thermal camera looking straight down, and the video signal on the receiving GCS required to be switched between the 10x zoom camera and the nadir thermal sensor.
On top of that, the unit had to maintain the ability to carry a swappable 24Mp camera for conventional mapping missions when required. 
Such a unique configuration can be used for a number of applications like search and rescue, wildlife monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, wildlife research, pipeline observation and more.
The unit was delivered in late summer of 2018.
About the Aeromapper Talon:
The Aeromapper Talon is a turnkey sUAS manufactured by Canadian company Aeromao Inc. and designed for tasks such as mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, monitoring and surveillance. It is a multipurpose – long range fixed wing drone with a multitude of payload options, including high-resolution RGB cameras with PPK, thermal sensors, multispectral and various combinations of these.
For more information please visit: https://www.aeromao.com/aeromapper_talon_uav/

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