DroneEntry is an online social platform for drone pilots to manage their profiles and portfolios. In the fragmented drone industry, an ecosystem is budding around innovative drone projects. However, it faces the significant obstacle of credibility and trust.

DroneEntry is working to bring together all industry stakeholders on an innovative new platform centred around the idea of verified profiles and proof-of-work. Pilots use

DroneEntry as a tool to build a credible profile and track record, while companies get a one-stop portal to recruit talent for their project needs.

DroneEntry is enabling the UTM – [Unmanned Traffic Management System] concept by adding value using #Bigdata analytics of airspace, pilot competencies, projects, learnt from drone pilots. The platform’s vision is to have authenticated and nurture a responsible group of pilots who take responsibility and care in what they do. DroneEntry is working towards future integration with other drone data management tools, where pilot flight hours and other essential data will automatically integrate into their DroneEntry profiles and will enable them to qualify for new projects based on their experience level and skills.”