UAVcast is a complete package of software tools that allow users to build a companion computer based on UAV`s using the most popular micro-computers and Mavlink based autopilots.

The Software is designed to help to establish 4g/LTE communication between the UAV and the Ground Control Station software without any additional tools. The software is also made to simplify the process of using companion computers with built-in web interface UAV managing panel. The idea is to have a simple web page for end users to configure the companion computer with a few simple steps and without any UNIX knowledge.

Whats New

  • You can now connect your flight controller to RPI by using USB => USB connection.
  • Zerotier VPN. Easy to set up and it also uses the NAT traversal Technic to establish a direct connection to give less latency. (No port forwarding required)
  • An external server in google cloud used as zerotier VPN Moon, this will increase the stability and gain less latency. Only for UAVcast-Pro users.
  • More options for camera, such as custom pipelines, TCP/UDP and predefined resolution from a drop-down box.
  • Multiple Telemetry destinations supported.
  • Both UDP and TCP Supported.
  • Responsive web interface fits all devices.

What you need 
Mostly all Autopilots using Mavlink protocol are supported:

  • APM 2.x
  • APM 3.x
  • Pixhawk
  • Navio+ (Not supported yet)
  • Navio2 (Not supported yet)

NOTE! DJI systems ( like Naza or A2 etc. are not supported )

Raspberry Companion Computer:

  • Model Pi0w – (with Raspian stretch lite or desktop image)
  • Model Pi2 – (with Raspian stretch lite or desktop image)
  • Model Pi3 – (with Raspian stretch lite or desktop image)

Modem for cellular connection (3g/4g) or Wi-fi router

Supported Cellular Modems

  • Hi-link USB modem (Integrated connection software)
  • Regular USB dial-in modem (See link above for supported devices)