UAV Navigation carries out a new adaptation in the shortest period of time

UAV Navigation is able to deliver a cutting-edge Flight Control Solution (FCS) in the shortest period of time. The following is an actual customer case.

Elytron Aeronautica, one of UAV Navigation’s most recent customers, purchased a full FCS and has experienced the quality of UAV Navigation’s integration and adaptation process on its Talisman UAV.

The Talisman is a 25 kg, tandem wing, UAV designed for observation missions. Both integration and adaptation were performed onsite in Italy by UAV Navigation engineers in less than two weeks (9 working days).

As a result, two Talisman units now have the UAV Navigation FCS fully integrated and adjusted, turning a well-designed, fixed-wing platform into a UAV. The aircraft is now fully capable of flying autonomously, including automatic take-off and landing.

The Talisman UAV is a non-conventional aircraft that features a tandem wing configuration. The main characteristics are:

  • Very stable and safe behaviour under all flight conditions.
  • Very high MTOW if compared to the empty weight (it can carry on board 2.4 times its empty weight in payload and fuel).
  • The design is inherently protected against stall and spin.

Due to the unconventional configuration of the Talisman the autopilot integration campaign was interesting. However, the aircraft proved to have excellent flight qualities and once the VECTOR autopilot had been integrated it was able to perform completely automatic take-off and landing within few flights.

“The UAV Navigation team cooperate with us in a very professional way; working with them was a great experience and test flights were a success.”

(Marcello Delponte, Head of Design at Elytron)

UAV Navigation believes that in order to keep customers happy it must continue to provide only the highest quality products, including the very best hardware/software capabilities, world-class support and also to ensure that the customer’s project milestones are met on time. In short, the customer’s success is UAV Navigation’s success.

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