The Nations first U.S. Department of Labor Certified Unmanned Aerial Systems Apprenticeship Program launched on September 26 2018 in Dallas, Texas. A collaboration between the U.S. Department of Labor, FAA Southwest Regional Office, RMS Aerospace and Dallas County Community College District, the 12-month apprenticeship is the most comprehensive professional UAS training program outside the military.

The program’s emphasis on Airmanship and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) moves the UAS training pendulum back in the direction of traditional airman training or FAA Part 61. The curriculum is inspired by the best practices of 4-year UAS Academic Programs and Military UAS Programs. Apprentices depart the program with 4 FAA Airman Certificates and 1 FCC License. The apprenticeship will train the nations first generation of standardized, safety focused commercial UAS operator’s for all industry verticals; who can safely and professionally integrate into the National Airspace System. Apprentices receive flight training on both rotary and fixed-wing UAVs in addition to a multidisciplinary curriculum that includes: GIS, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence and Project Management.

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