Thursday, April 15, 2021

BirdsiVideo Partners with DecisionLink for Sales Growth

BirdsiVideo Drone Services is launching a new partnership with DecisionLink, the leading SaaS platform for Value Selling Automation. The drone industry is growing rapidly as large corporations embrace the transformational benefits of UAV technology. Sales and Marketing Magazine found that the #1 reason customers fail to buy is the lack of a compelling Value Proposition. As with any emerging technology, buyers are demanding detailed financial data to justify new drone investments. Value Selling Automation with ValueCloud℠is the solution to align key stakeholders from the C-suite to Operations, Finance and Marketing.

BirdsiVideo believes the key to selling drone services successfully is the ability to connect the ‘Five Sales Motivators’ to a validated Value Proposition that clearly articulates, defends and quantifies the investment impact. Once the Value Proposition is modelled and validated by the customer and a project is underway, it’s critical to measure the Value Realized over time to ensure ROI is being achieved. The Value Realization feature of ValueCloud℠is perhaps the most powerful driver differentiating BirdsiVideo when delivering larger, complex drone projects.

John Porter, CTO of DecisionLink, commented: “For the first time, an enterprise-class application is available for this critical business need, enabling customers to achieve the status of Customer Value Driven Enterprises.” ValueCloud℠ allows sales reps to pick from a “shopping cart” of Value Propositions for each drone offering. With only basic customer information a salesperson can automatically generate engaging, customer specific presentations in PowerPoint and Excel. ValueCloud℠ also integrates seamlessly with CRM systems like Salesforce or can be used as a standalone application. The end result is deeper pipelines, faster sales cycles and happier customers.

The BirdsiVideo professional services team is trained on ValueCloud℠and is available for sales consulting on complex drone projects.

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About BirdsiVideo

BirdsiVideo is a commercial drone services company specializing in data collection, inspection and fleet management for the energy, telecom, media, and real estate markets. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Carmel, Indiana. BirdsiVideo operates a franchise network of 15 regional offices throughout the U.S. and an affiliate network of over 150 licensed drone pilots with international partners in Latin America and Europe.

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About DecisionLink

DecisionLink ValueCloud℠is the first enterprise-class value application for sales, marketing, and customer care enabling sellers to be “smart about their accounts and specific about their value”. ValueCloud℠ automates the processes required for our customers to quantify, articulate and defend the competitively differentiated value of their solutions for each prospective buyer. In just a few minutes ValueCloud℠ produces a variety of assets such as ROI detail, Challenger scripts, competitive differentiation, pitch decks, and more, articulating the seller’s specific, differentiated value for every deal and every customer resulting in bigger pipelines, higher levels of engagement, improved close rates, higher deal values with reduced churn.

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