Integrated Typhon UDX eVTOL Design and Simulation Software Released

Typhon UDX eVTOL Edition is the first integrated design, analysis, optimization and simulation software on the market created to minimize the time and resources required to develop innovative personal aerial vehicles and eVTOLs.

The emerging market of personal aerial vehicles and electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft is rapidly expanding with new players and innovative aircraft designs.  eVTOLs promise to redefine the future of transportation by providing practical, safe and efficient transportation without requiring major infrastructure such as runways. However, achieving the prototypical ‘flying car’ is still a major engineering challenge due to the demanding requirements of achieving a design that is not only capable of both vertical and forward flight, but is safe, efficient and cost-effective enough to make it commercially viable.

ComQuest Ventures LLC (CQV) is releasing Typhon UDX eVTOL Edition, a software which is designed to minimize development time and costs when creating advanced eVTOLs, while allowing the engineer to realize more optimized and reliable fixed-wing, multicopter or VTOL personal aerial vehicle designs.  

The key to Agile eVTOL development is the integration of multiple analysis disciplines such as mass estimation, aerodynamic analysis, propulsion system analysis, and control code development, into a user-friendly interface.  By employing fast engineering algorithms, the software is able to provide real-time predictions of aircraft performance and flight characteristics as the design is modified. The user can run design optimizations, simulate flight characteristics and performance, and use these simulations to develop customized flight control code.  The result is a powerful integrated development environment that allows the engineers to test and debug the eVTOL airframe and flight control code virtually, minimizing the prototyping and testing iterations, drastically reducing development time and resources.

The software is an extension of Typhon UDX, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) design software which is being employed by companies, research institutions and academia to develop VTOL, fixed-wing and multicopter UAV systems.  For more information, contact CQV at


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