The CUAS Coalition Expands to the UK with Hex Horus

The CUAS Coalition is proud to announce we are expanding to the UK under the leadership of Ryan McCready of Hex Horus as our newest Director of Europe. Global CUAS protections and regulations must be changed in countries who have laws that prevent their use.

The CUAS Coalition has relationships with the US Department of State to help with coordinate security efforts. We provide expertise in regulatory creation to help those countries in need of legislative support to change their laws. We also offer many unique opportunities to become a partner in our US Government network including military and protection departments and agencies. We welcome Ryan on board and a round of applause for our continued growth.

Ryan McCready is the Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Hex Horus Ltd; a specialist agnostic CUAS Defense and Security company based in the United Kingdom.  He is part of the UK’s Aerospace Defence & Security drone platform and counter drone (DPAC) Special Interest Group, who support the CUAS sector and shape legislation and standards.  Ryan is a British Army veteran, of 16 years, achieving Warrant Officer Class 2, enduring operational deployments all across the globe. Deployments included Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Iraq Afghanistan and Ukraine.  He was involved in counter-insurgency operations, police support operations and building partner capacity support, where he saw first-hand the evolution of hybrid warfare tactics and emerging threats, such as the nefarious use of commercial UAS.  Ryan spent years as a forward air controller, more commonly referred to as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) during some of the most kinetic times in Afghanistan, providing Close Air Support (CAS) and airspace management for multi-national forces, including the US Marine Corp MEU, UK’s 16 Air Assault Brigade and other ISAF contributing nations.  

Ryan was awarded the prestigious Accolade of the UK’s Most Outstanding Soldier Award 2011, presented by HRH Prince William and Princess Katherine, for his conduct and efforts on operations in Helmand province Afghanistan; of note, he was wounded in action (WIA).  

More recently in 2017, US (4*) General John Nicholson Jr US FOR-A Commander awarded Ryan NATO’s Meritorious Service Medal for his personal contributions towards CUAS on Operation Resolute Support Afghanistan, in developing CUAS strategic framework, operational support and lifesaving tactics.  Ryan is now an entrepreneur, active in the Defence and Security industry, making the world a safer place to live. He resides in Northern Ireland with his wife and two children.

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