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Skyrobot – FX450


Robot Aviation – a Norwegian company with offices in the US, Sweden & Poland has been developing drone technology for over 10 years. During 2018 we are presenting our complete line of systems, ranging from, SKYROBOT ™ FX10 a portable system, hand-launched within minutes, and able to stay airborne for up to 2 hours, carrying Thermo & Video cameras.

Followed by our SKYROBOT ™ FX20 a flying-wing, optimized design for close to 4 hours endurance that can provide radio-communications relay support as well as surveillance support by its onboard EO/IR stabilized in multiple-axis and equipped with laser range finder and geo-location options.

Ending the product line is the SKYROBOT ™ FX450, a system capable to cover a 2000km range, carrying a multi-axis stabilized payload with a range of sensors. The FX450 is a canard design engineered to provide +20hrs persistent support for your security & surveillance needs.

The Robot Aviation product line has mission requirements ranging from the Arctic with its extreme challenging conditions, further down to the hot and dusty desert regions and with a high interest for maritime duties around the equator, a genuine Global Capability with maximum exportability!

Robot Aviation AS

Flyplassveien 26 3514 Hønefoss, Norway

Phone: +46 708 961246

[email protected]

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