Rob Thompson Chosen as Chairman of the Counter UAS (CUAS) Summit

The CUAS Coalition is excited to announce that our Co-Founder Rob Thompson has been chosen to be the Chairman of the Counter UAS USA Summit and will also be speaking on C-UAS Policy and Legislation: Protecting America’s Skies

Download the (Program Agenda)

Join Rob as he discusses:

  • Barriers to making the use of C-UAS equipment legal for local law enforcement
  • Using C-UAS equipment for homeland and civil defense against rogue drone operators
  • Creating policy, tactics and equipment to prevent future UAS threats.

This is a can’t miss three-day event which will bring together government, industry and academia to focus on emerging and innovative C-UAS technologies, such as directed energy weapons and EW measures as well as technologies to detect and identify drones in the battlefield.

Rob Thompson is the co-founder of Falcon Foundation, a 3rd generation commercial multi-engine pilot, Part 107 holder who also holds a Master of Science from James Madison University for his work in aviation system designs and technical & scientific writing.

Rob’s grandfather was a pioneer in aviation and started many aviation programs and systems such as the air helicopter program while at his position of Understudy Secretary of Defense head of Transportation for 6 administrations from Kennedy to Reagan.

Rob began his journey in unmanned aircraft systems in 2012 when working for one of the first UAS companies Advanced Aerials started in 1993 as a technical writer and aerospace consultant.

Rob recently founded Falcon Foundation UAS LLC with his partner Jeffrey Anders a 30-year veteran of Capitol Hill.

They launched the CUAS Coalition when they saw a need to help legislators and industry come together for the purpose of protecting civil assets from rogue drone operators. Recently Rob was accepted as a Technical SME for U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s CIPAC UAS Security working group adding expertise in UAS countermeasures.

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