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Rhomboidal UAV R2-150

The R2 aircraft started as a challenge to design, fly and operate a UAV with the true rhomboidal wing concept. This turned out to be a rather very demanding and complex design exercise but rewarded us with outstanding flying performances from the first flight of the first prototype.

The advantages of the rhomboid wing, beside the aerodynamic gain in drag, are:

• The compactness: same lift capacity as a conventional cantilever wing of an equivalent area with twice the span.

• The mass: with a gain of about 30% in wing structure mass due to the “diamond” shape of the wing creating a natural “bracing” on the three axes.

These, with the inherent speed and manoeuvrability of the R2 (allowing it to fly in strong winds and gusty weather), are invaluable assets to operate this aircraft from a ship. Launch and recovery are easier, the associated stresses and damages of the airframe staying at a very low level.

The FLY-R project offers a real innovative characteristic by the chosen wing configuration for the R2 drone family… We do think that, these, based on the rhomboid wing concept, make possible to achieve a relatively high L/D ratio with excellent flying qualities. We confirm our interest for Mr. Varigas project and wish that it will lead to the creation and the development of a young and innovative company on Reunion Island.
ONERA Mai 2014 (sent to the Reunion Island Technopole)

The design of the 2.4 meters version has now been validated by ONERA and its industrialization has started for the first flight planed by the end of 2016/early 2017.

R2 150-10

  • Wing span: 1.5 m
  • MTOW:
    electric: 10 kg @ 1500 m AMSL ISA +15
    petrol:    15 kg @ 1500 m AMSL ISA +15
  • Payload capacity: 1.5 kg (with radio communication system)
  • Cruise speed: 130 km/h 1500m AMSL ISA +15
  • Ceiling: 5000 m
  • Endurance:
    • Electric motor: up to 2 hours @ sea level ISA +15 (with current battery    technology)
    • Rotary engine: up to 10 hours @ sea level ISA +15
  • Range: limited by the radio communication system


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