Soon you will be able to see even more aircraft with the latest PilotAware innovation.

With an estimated 5000+ UK GA aircraft equipped with Mode-S transponders, it’s a pity that the technology hasn’t been available to plot local Mode-S targets on a tablet or navigational aid. Here’s the good news, it soon will be!

PilotAware is pleased to announce that for the past 6 months it has been conducting a proof of concept trial for the next real step change in situational awareness. Mode-S/3D.

Working in close collaboration with 360Radar, which has 800+ receivers in the UK, for the first time it is now possible to up-link multilateration (MLAT) data to enhance the position of Mode-S equipped aircraft detected by PilotAware. Mode-S/3D allows the accurate height, received from the Mode-S transmission, to be augmented with the X, Y co-ordinates available from the MLAT feed at the instant of the timestamp within the accuracy margins of MLAT.

Instantaneous location information is passed to and displayed by the navigation aid as normal.  As the data ages the size of the ambiguity, due to the transition of the target from the time of reception, is regularly displayed. This can be on the PilotAware RADAR screen or Flight-Bags that implement GDL90 and include NACp for denoting a degraded target. Recalculated MLAT data resets the process after a few seconds.

Visit the PilotAware Stand at the LAA Rally Sywell Airfield 31st Aug – 2nd September to have a demonstration and learn more about this amazing development. PilotAware is located in the Homebuilders Marquee.

The older the data the larger the ambiguity circle which resets to zero after a few seconds as new data becomes available. For the first time, this allows the user to be aware of the Mode-S target location as well as the usual vertical separation.

  • Flight trials will be increased starting Sep 2018 and last for a minimum of 3-6 months
  • 5-7 OGN-R sites will be included in the trial.
  • The PilotAware Engineering Team will undertake, validation, verification, range, capacity and precision tests on the network
  • Following this, a beta release will be provided for expert users to provide feedback.
  • There will then be a network wide roll-out.
  • This will allow PilotAware users to detect PilotAware, FLARM, ADSB-out and Mode-S/3D aircraft as targets with a bearing on an in-cockpit screen. Totally

    PilotAware committed to seeing the maximum aircraft available at the lowest possible cost.
    PilotAware, FLARM, ADS-B and now Mode-S/3D with Mode-C as a bearingless target.

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