NewBeeDrone U.S. Government Tariff Surcharge

Starting from July 6th, The US government imposed an additional tariff of 25% on many products imported from China.

The products that are affected by this first round of tariff includes but not limited to ESCs, receivers, motors, batteries, and antennas. There is a second round of tariff that is currently under review which will most likely be taken into effect in September.

Following the industry response, NewBeeDrone will add an additional 2.9% to each order sub-total to help spread the effect of the new 25% tariff. This will spread the burden across all orders to lessen the effect on individual products. For example, instead of paying an extra 25% on ESC’s or motors, we want our customers to pay as close to the original price as possible.
Even if some products do not carry a tariff yet, we believe that spreading the tariff cost among all of us is a way to make us all part of the solution. As a company, we will cover about 5% of the total incremental Tariff fees to do our share and support the FPV community.

Along with the FPV community, the current surcharge we’re adding will likely be adjusted either up or down as we learn more about the actual Tariffs fees, the products affected by it, and the second round of tariff that’s coming.

The FPV community is united in our love for FPV, and we hope you agree with our approach to work through the current trade war troubles as a community. We are hopeful that our Government officials will work through the ongoing trade disagreements with China and that these Tariffs will disappear quickly.