DroneMatrix brings companies, governments and pilots a little closer together with the launch of their Drone-as-a-Service platform “DroaS”

Today, the Belgian drone and technology builder, DroneMatrix, launches its Drone-as-a-Service platform “DroaS” to the general public, laying the foundation stone for a new shared ecosystem. After years of experience in research and manufacture of drone devices, this DroaS platform is the glue that will connect companies and/or authorities with pilots and equipment.

The platform offers an online management environment where the flight applicant and operator can consult their drone flight, hardware, regulations, planning, certificates as well as the results of the flights. In full compliance with Belgian legislation, companies can now request 24/24 and 7/7 drone services with real-time image processing and integration.

Share a drone

DroaS has come to reduce the great restraint in the market against drone integration within the day-to-day operational business. Since most of the businesses only need a drone solution at specific times, there was a need for a platform such as DroaS. With DroaS, the investment for these companies is limited to the times where a solution is required.

CEO Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen calls the platform a logical and necessary step in the right direction to make drone integration more accessible and more democratic for every company.

“Every company can now request drone services via DroneMatrix’s online DroaS platform and view the results in real time or afterwards. It is pre-eminently the most efficient and cost-effective drone platform that companies can use to request drone services. Safe, progressive, cost effective, easy to use and robust, the platform takes a lot of worries away from companies that want to deploy drones. “ Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen, CEO DroneMatrix

In Belgium more than 60 independent pilots are now connected to DroaS and carry out both short and long-term assignments at various companies and government departments.

Not its first flight

With the DroaS platform, DroneMatrix has already been able to do some very nice realizations, together with DroneMatrix’s most advanced cabled drone “TYTHUS”. For example, the DroaS platform was used to make a thorough traffic analysis of a busy roundabout in collaboration with the Genk police.

In addition, the analyses and knowledge can be used to optimize traffic flows and to tackle bottlenecks. The DroaS platform was also used for the surveillance of Knokke Hippique in cooperation with the partner for surveillance and safety, Protection Unit.

And, in cooperation with Infrabel, the DroaS platform was used to distribute live aerial images during a disaster drill to the various command centres of the emergency services from which the crisis coordination took place.


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