Drone Anti-Collision Lights Guide-[Rupprecht Law]

Drone Anti-Collision Lights Guide-[Rupprecht Law]
There are some great benefits to using a drone anti-collision light for recreational, public safety, and commercial operations. It increases safety and gives you greater flexibility in your operations. Remember to go over the list my tips and considerations before you buy anything because each drone anti-collision light has its own strengths and weaknesses.

1. Helps you, and others, see the drone better. Yes, you might have some built-in drone lights but typically they are almost invisible during the day and not that bright during the night. This is where drone anti-collision lights come in help you and others see the drone during the day and night.

Remember that lights don’t solve all your night operational problems. What good are these lights if you don’t have training on how to fly at night? If you are looking at training for night operations, there is a Night Operations Video Course over at Rupprecht Drones that covers the night visual illusions and their remedies, physiological conditions which may degrade night vision, proper nighttime scanning techniques, and discusses more on aircraft lighting and considerations on how to mount the lights.

2. Required under Part 107 for civil twilight flying. Section 107.29 allows remote pilots to fly during civil twilight (twice daily: starting 30 minutes before sunrise to sunrise & sunset to 30 minutes after sunset). The big point is that the drone anti-collision lights must be visible for 3 statute miles or greater. There is a good chance your wimpy built-in drone anti-collision lights won’t cut it.

3. Some of the Part 107 waivers require them. The night waiver, reduced visibility, and beyond line of sight waivers typically use drone anti-collision lights as a method of helping other aircraft to see your drone flying. If you are planning on operating under one of these waivers, you should think about obtaining some good anti-collision lights visible for 3 statute miles or more. If you are wanting to learn more about Part 107 night waivers for your public safety or commercial operation, I have an entire article on this topic. If you are interested in obtaining a night waiver, contact me. I have over 90-night waiver approvals.

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Jonathan Rupprecht

Jonathan is an aviation attorney who focuses on unmanned aircraft. He holds an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate and is also an FAA certified Flight Instructor.