Aerodyne Group announces entry into Latin America with new regional headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

Aerodyne Group are pleased to announce today that they have consolidated their presence in Latin America with a dedicated regional headquarters in Santiago, Chile.

Aerodyne Chile becomes the latest addition to the Aerodyne Group, at a time when they are experiencing unprecedented growth and demand for solutions from around the world. From their base in the central business district of Las Condes, Aerodyne Chile are focused on meeting the immediate needs of local and multinational clients within Mining, Precision Agriculture, Power, Construction, Renewables and Telecoms Infrastructure. In addition, they are acting as the platform for Aerodyne to refine and implement their strategy for the wider region.

“I am delighted to be able to announce that Aerodyne have established a significant presence in Latin America, and I am confident that Aerodyne Chile will be the catalyst for our continued growth and market penetration across the continent. We have been experiencing an increasing demand from enterprise-level clients throughout the region for truly disruptive technologies. It is a testament to the maturity of our solutions that we can bring them to new territories without compromising on our key principles – delivering greater efficiency, reducing costs and implementing effective digital transformation for our clients”

“Large corporations and enterprises in the region are recognising the need to embrace digital transformation of their processes and benefit from improved efficiency. Drones have long been seen as a technology which can innovate, but we are going beyond drone data and integrating AI and advanced analytics into a platform which will revolutionise the way that clients manage their assets and the data which they generate.”

Kamarul A. (CEO, Aerodyne Group)

Aerodyne’s phenomenal growth has been fuelled by a number of key factors; their development and implementation of cutting-edge AI technology, their flexibility to adapt to specific client demands, their ability to combine subject matter experts and innovators and the scaleability of their solutions – from operational (data capture), to processing, analytics and reporting. This combination of proven track record and ingenuity is the basis for great optimism within the Aerodyne team leading their expansion into Latin America….

“We believe that Chile provides a fantastic opportunity to establish Aerodyne as the market-leader throughout Latin America. It represents a politically stable and economically developed  environment which can be the platform for us to meet the requirements of our clients across a challenging and diverse range of territories and industries.”

Mark Baker (VP Partnership Development, Aerodyne Group)

“In addition to bringing Aerodyne to Latin America we aim to strengthen the position and capabilities of the group as a whole. Our expertise and experience of industrial-scale mining, precision agriculture and renewables (among others) will enable us to develop turnkey solutions which add value around the world and open up new markets and opportunities for Aerodyne.”

Marco Sepulveda (Country Director, Aerodyne Chile)

About Aerodyne

Aerodyne Group ( is a world-leading provider of drone-based enterprise solutions and a pioneer in the use of AI as an enabling technology for large-scale data capture and analytics.

Aerodyne operates on an unprecedented level in the UAV services sector. In the last year they have completed over 48,000 flight operations, inspected more than 175,000 assets and surveyed in excess of 35,000km of power infrastructure.

Aerodyne has a full-time staff of over 230 including pilots, engineers, software developers and industry experts. They have a presence in 18 countries around the world, with plans to continue their expansion into a variety of territories and verticals during 2018 and beyond.

Aerodyne’s AI-Driven Enterprise Solutions, myPRISM and Vertikaliti are already deployed on major projects within Oil & Gas, Power, Telecoms, Renewables, Construction,
Agriculture, Infrastructure and beyond. Large enterprises around the world are benefitting from optimised management of critical assets and infrastructure, improved project situational awareness and sophisticated geospatial intelligence, enabling them to fully embrace digital transformation.