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FLIRT is a powerful professional tool for aerial mapping, monitoring and other remote sensing applications. The solution combines all the advantages of unmanned flying systems with high standards and performance of large specialized aerial aircraft. The defining new feature of FLIRT (unlike many other unmanned aircraft systems) is an ability to get series of well-aligned images even in a strong crosswind.

  • exceptional stability in flight;
  • easily changeable cameras in special cartridges;
  • gyro stabilized cameras gimbal;
  • automatic drift angle compensation system;
  • long flight endurance;
  • fully automatic flight from takeoff to landing;
  • wide range of altitudes and flight speeds;
  • easily transported in specially designed, light and convenient cases;
  • doesn’t require any special tools and no electrical coupling involved at assembly process;
  • automatic creation of mission plan by the FlirtPlanner software;
  • distance mission control up to 20 km;
  • durable hull composite construction additionally protected with the system of dampers;
  • compatible with Pix4D, Agisoft Photoscan,Menci Software or other image processing software solutions;
  • automatic parachute activation in case of emergency;
  • small size area for take off and landing;
  • automatic landing with LuckyBeak parachute system;


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