Windgo – Drone Chute™ Systems & Methods for Receiving Packages Delivered by Unmanned Vehicles Patent # 10,026,054

Protects methods of embedded sensing and receiving packages from unmanned vehicles. WINDGO’s Drone Chute™ is comprised of a collapsible package receiver adapted to be movably coupled to a building.

The package receiver may be configured to receive the package well above ground to increase safety and security of the package and unmanned vehicle. Technologies for package loading and delivery to an intended destination (business, home, restaurant, etc.) are well underway, as demonstrated by Amazon’s Prime Air, UPS and Flirtey (in partnership with 7-Eleven).

However, the myriad factors and dynamics of actually receiving the packages at destination are addressed by WINDGO’s unique Drone Chute™ collapsible package receiver, notification and building attachment methods.