Introducing the FS500 exhibition event at FAI World Drone Racing Cup

While all eyes will be on Les Comes in July for the Barcelona F3U World Cup, a much-anticipated part of the programme is the Freespace FS500 Exhibition Event.

The FS500 V2.0 design has been significantly improved from the V1.0 to achieve similar performance to the current racing spec 250 quads, while providing the spectators with a larger drone to follow.

Although comparable in performance, the FS500 is a little less agile than a 250 racer. However this is actually a positive characteristic in that its flight is more flowing and natural looking in the air, making the FS500 much easier to follow with the naked eye. One of the specific aims of the FS500 is to create a much more visually appealing experience for the live fans. This will also flow through to the broadcast audience with the aim of widening drone racings mainstream appeal and attracting further sponsorship into the sport.

The FS500 is a highly refined aircraft weighing 2kg with up to 5kW of motor power at it’s disposal. The power train consists of a 6s 3000mAh graphene battery driving custom 900 kV motors through a 50A ESC. Fitted with 10″ x 5.5″ props the FS500 has a maximum aircraft thrust just over 12kg.

It sports a robust and aerodynamic polycarbonate fairing, with plenty of room for sponsor logos, on a carbon fibre chassis rounded out with a Dual camera system running a broadcast HD alongside a pilot feed.

The FAI Les Comes FS500 Exhibition Event will consist of 4 teams, each running the same spec FS500 in is a series of practice sessions throughout the weekend, culminating in a final event on the Sunday which is 20 minutes in length.

The Teams and Pilots will be announced shortly.