Hedgehog Lab and Thales – Civil UAS Digital Concept Project

Thales Group, a leading multinational, designs and builds electrical systems as well as providing services for sectors like defence and security. The company contacted us to discuss a collaborative partnership related to a large-scale digital project focused on the worldwide UAS (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System) industry.
Following a one-day workshop, aimed at getting to the heart of the problem, we undertook an innovation sprint to explore possible solutions. These we outlined in a concept proposal, which uncovered opportunities for the short, medium and long term, keeping in mind how certain technologies will no doubt advance in the coming years. The proposal was presented to Thales during a follow-up workshop.
Hedgehog lab’s Chief Design Officer, Ray Clarke, said: “Thales approached us about this project because of our expertise and experience when it comes to designing products that meet – and exceed – consumers’ user experience expectations. I was delighted with the work led by Senior Lead designer, David Miller. We started with a blank canvas, which was both exciting and challenging, and by the end of the exercise were able to provide Thales with a solid three-pronged approach, incorporating what they can do now, what they could do in three to five years’ time and what they could do, say, 10 years from now.”