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DAC and Pony Show Redux

After so many detractors have taken a swing at the piñata, it is hard to imagine that anyone would have the stones to resurrect this train wreck. There were two articles in the Washington Post, the late Mayor of San Francisco’s less than complimentary letter, the termination of the 42-year advisory committee relationship with the RTCA and the ex-chairperson’s quiet and dubious exit from the committee and company.

And no, I don’t only mean that nice lady from 3DRobotics. Although who wouldn’t want to be part of an effort with the same leadership prowess that was responsible for squandering a hundred and twenty-five million dollars?

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How many times did the experts say, “let’s wait for the DAC” in news articles and letters to various officials? Most of what came out of the task groups were done in private and I’ll venture a guess that they set it up that way so they could keep a lid on the sideshow. Task Group 3’s ‘let’s look at the FCC spectrum model for airspace’ reads like a confirmation for the layperson of why the vetted SME concept is in desperate need of implementation. When we see the name of the dude from the toy company (aka Chinese Toy Industry rep) it makes people wonder if the Designated Federal Official just doesn’t want to be the administrator ever!

The only conclusions that I can deduce are denial, contempt, or just out of touch.

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