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Apellix Granted USTPO Patent for its Umbilical Cabling and Tethering (UCAT) Systems for Aerial Robots and Drones

Apellix, the safety partner for the technological revolution, is proud to announce that has received its second patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patent Number US 10,011,352 is for a Mobile base station and umbilical cabling and tethering (UCAT) assist system.

Said Robert Dahlstrom, Apellix founder and CEO: “The umbilical cabling and tethering (UCAT) assist patent dovetails nicely with our patent for our software-controlled computing device-based guidance navigation and control for unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic systems. By combining a base station and umbilical and tether system we extend the utility of the Apellix platform for our current products that conduct non-destructive testing and our coating and cleaning aerial robotics systems (i.e. spray-painting drones) currently in development.”

Apellix’s precision-controlled aerial robotics systems are based on its patented software platform that utilizes tethered and untethered drones to move workers from harm’s way. We add to our custom-built drones a complex array of flight operations sensors allowing us to very precisely fly and control the system. We then add a robotic arm and an end effector with tools wherein we fly up to a structure, and under full computer control, touch or modify the structure.

One example of the Apellix technology is the ability to spray paint an Oil & Gas flare stack with a tethered drone, where the power and paint are on the ground, without having to use scaffolding, lifts, cranes or ropework. With proprietary circuitry, software, and power management systems Apellix-designed drones serve as industrial tools capable of all-day continuous work.

The company’s NDT (non-destructive testing) Drone physically touches structures to conduct a variety of necessary safety tests at heights and in confined spaces, without the need for cranes, scaffolding, or rope. It was recognized as a 2017 Innovation of the Year by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. The Cleaning and Coating Drone is a tethered platform for both painting and cleaning large-scale surfaces. Apellix is currently developing custom bespoke solutions for select partners, with an initial public release scheduled in 2019.

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