ThirdEye Systems Drone to prevent infiltration’s

Founded in 2010, ThirdEye Systems Ltd. is an experienced well-known Research and Development company, specialized in high-end object recognition algorithms within the thermal spectrum, for various needs. With a strong background in both computer vision and drone control, the company’s products are in the IDF service and are successfully used by leading defense companies.

The project began after there was a noted increase in the number of attempted terrorist infiltrations into Israeli town’s.

The Chimera payload contains both day and night sensors and provides computer vision-based object recognition analytics. Chimera provides on-the-fly, thermal, computer vision and real-time aerial analytics solutions.  It creates valuable insights based on the drone-harvested data, and translates it into actionable tasks, providing real scalable autonomous security solutions without man-in-the-loop.

The system can also support manned missions where it significantly increases detection rate and accuracy while allowing for better coverage and situational awareness.

The system can note the accurate landmark of an object and display it on a google map, the precise location can be sent easily to the nearest operations center.

The company claims that the payload can operate on every drone in the market from DJI to Pixhawk flight control.

The system is already operational at several settlements in Israel, including solar fields and medical Marijuana farms.

According to Lior Segal the company CEO: “Today, innovation is taking place in the area of offering real-time solutions, where on-the-fly analytics takes place, allowing real-time understanding and response. This requires solving an algorithmic challenge of real-time detection while in flight. Once solved, the on-flight detections create, over time, a cloud-based database that can be used to create useful insights and rule sets, allowing real-time responses”.