The future of UAV industry at Oxford’s first Robotic Skies Workshop

The future of UAV industry at Oxford’s first Robotic Skies Workshop

Sky-Futures’ CRTO Nick Rogers attended “The 1st Robotic Skies Workshop: The Role of Private Industry and Public Policy in Shaping the Drones Industry”, organised by University of Oxford on June 21st-22nd, 2018 at Rhodes House, Oxford. This event was the first in a series of international events to be hosted by the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs in examining and shaping future developments of emerging technologies.

Ordinarily, Government affairs and technology are not symbiotic however when you consider the furious pace of drone technology development and the need of fit for purpose regulation then Rhodes House at the University of Oxford was a fantastic academic setting for so much needed thought leadership for this emerging industry.

Sky-Futures was honoured to be invited to speak at the workshop on the future of UAV industry and its policy implications. Given Sky-Futures’ position in the market as an enabler to drone technology, Artificial Intelligence and data, Nick Rogers discussed the various elements making up the total system to support regular and routine drone operations.

  • “System” Technology Scrum
  • Industrial IoT to Interoperability
  • Manned vs Unmanned testing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

This workshop was a 2-days of lively debate on governance and regulatory challenges associated with the burgeoning UAV industry with over 80 delegates from a broad spectrum of practitioners, policymakers, industry experts, government, and academia. The backdrop of the University of Oxford provided good insight into the importance of technology leading regulations with appropriate safeguard and established a sustainable forum of inter-sectoral exchanges and partnerships for years to come.

A special thanks to Lucas Kello, Director of the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs for leading the collaborative workshop, Nikita Chiu and the University of Oxford team for the organisation.

About the Centre for Technology and Global Affairs

The Centre produces research on the transforming impact of modern technology on international relations, government, and society. Based at Oxford University’s Department of Politics and International Relations, it is the first global research initiative focusing on the study of technology in a political science department at any of the world’s major universities.

The Centre seeks to create a new body of knowledge on the political and social impact of ongoing technological changes and to apply these new understandings to the guidance of policy practice. The Centre’s research is wide-ranging. Faculty, researchers, and associates explore developments across a broad spectrum of technological dimensions – including cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. Connections between our researchers and the wider world of government and industry are at the heart of our impact mission.

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