The drone industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last year with licensed drone pilots to the adoption of the drone technology by many companies. With this growth a problem that continues to rise across the country is qualified drone pilots, a large percentage of the drone pilot market is qualified for basic photography and videography applications with little to no experience flying drones for more complex applications such as roof, solar, or cell tower inspections. But we cannot blame the pilots for not being trained since there really has been no platform or qualified training programs that teach drone pilots the skills they need to fly these complex missions.

This was the same challenge that Soaring Sky went through when we first started. Back in 2014, not only was there no training for how to deploy drones for a multitude of applications, there was not even a community or reference to refer to. Soaring Sky spent these 4 years learning the intricacies of drone missions in multiple fields.

They learned how to speak with customers of different industries, how to acquire contracts, what value was provided to customers, how to conduct flights, what sensors are required, and how to handle the data to ensure it was easily implemented for the customer to understand and utilize. If there was an Academy 4 years ago, Soaring Sky would have grown much faster and would have made a lot fewer mistakes and costly lessons.

Fortunately, with 4+ years in the industry working with enterprise companies in construction, insurance, telecom and much more, Soaring Sky Academy has launched their new E-Learning Platform aimed at bridging the gap in the industry and taking drone training to the next level.

Ryan Cowell, COO at Soaring Sky noted, “Education is the key to success, we want to continue to progress the industry forward and believe that providing proper education and training will do that.”

One of the newest courses Soaring Sky offers is the Roof Inspection 101 course. With hurricane season right around the corner, this course was designed to certify drone pilots to be ready for deployment if an insurance company needed roof inspections or damage assessments performed. Soaring Sky worked with Citizens, the largest insurance provider in Florida after hurricane Irma hit. This was the first time Citizens had used drones to perform roof inspections and the results were better than expected. Soaring Sky deployed pilots all over the state and was able to conduct inspections 3x faster than traditional inspections, which proved to be invaluable due to the mass destruction. After thousands of inspections and countless lessons, Soaring Sky worked with industry professionals and expert pilots to develop the most advanced training program for drone roof inspections. With 2018 set to be one of the worst hurricane seasons yet, drone pilots need to be trained and ready for deployment.

The Academy provides:

1. Online and in-person training courses on all drone-related activities from the basics, such as your Part 107 test prep, to more technical training like Roof Inspections 101.

2. Invites to exclusive events and webinars.

3. Access to our exclusive Facebook Group with pilots and professionals nationwide.

4. Soaring Sky certified pilots have preferred access to jobs that Soaring Sky receives.

5. Exclusive offers from our commercial partners.

6. Soaring Sky Certification for industry-specific training.

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