Shenzhen JTT Technology Released a Foolproof Industrial Drone – Spider C85

Shenzhen JTT Technology Released a Foolproof Industrial Drone – Spider C85

Shenzhen JTT company announced a new industrial drone “Spider C85” during a conference on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

The conference featuring the new product ‘Spider C85’ of JTT Technology was held in Shenzhen. More than 200 domestic and foreign industry leaders, customers, guests, agents and media were present.

In the conference, some relevant personages analyzed the industrial drone business in detail, including the intelligent flight controller of drones, the reliable security mechanism and the customer-oriented customization capability, etc.

Apart from the advantage of an industrial drone having a heavy payload, long working time and flight distance, the Spider C85 is portable and easy to operate. Its wheelbase is 85 cm, and maximum payload weight is 2 kg. Its maximum working time also can reach 45 minutes. Moreover, it can carry dual payloads to meet requirements for different missions.

Easy to operate – industrial drones for everybody

Compared with traditional drones, the “Spider C85” is easier to operate. For the traditional drone, it usually requires long-term training, however, the training time of the “Spider C85” operation can be shortened to as little as 10 minutes, which means that one can operate the drone shortly after the user’s training. The director of JTT UAV R&D states that, “For some non-professional users, we have developed a simple mode in ‘SpiderC85’. When it is enabled, the drone will automatically set the height and distance. No matter where the UAV heads to, the drone will automatically recognize and remember the location of the operator. Also, the ‘Spider C85’ is set with functions such as instant take-off, instant landing, route-planning, navigational flight and so on, which is also user-friendly to non-professional operator.”

Easy to carry – industrial drones in backpacks

The traditional industrial drones are of large sizes, great weight, unfoldable, with their structures difficult to disassemble. All these features demand for a big container storage and bring great troubles in transportation. Because the “Spider C85” can be quickly deployed and folded into a backpack easily, it is quite convenient to carry out outside tasks with the drone.

At the conference site, an operator who has been working in power inspection for many years used the “Spider C85” for a special experiment. Starting with taking out the drone from the backpack, he unfolded the drone and installed the batteries. Then he set the payloads, powered it on and began operating it. When the drone took off, the starting process was over. The whole process only took 25 seconds and surprised the people present.

Powerful functions-Highly Intelligent Design

To ensure high reliability and stability, “Spider C85” has powerful functions and a high degree of intelligence.  The C85 not only supports “easy flight mode”, “intelligent return”,”mobile phone control” and other flight modes, but also supports some functions like”interest point”, “automatic cruise”, “mobile following”, “intelligent obstacle avoidance” and “optical flow positioning” that conforms to complex and diverse industries and application environments.

After the news conference, a JTT member demonstrated the industrial drone “Spider C85” in different circumstances, including security patrol, assisting criminal arresting, mass incident responding, emergency rescue, crowded areas and major traffic roads smart surveillance and other public security applications. Furthermore, JTT Technology also provided a series of solutions to daily routines and particular tasks for the army, police fire control system, electric-power industry and petrochemical industry.

This conference is not only an important step for the overall market strategy of the drone; it also reflects the core technology of JTT UAV in the development of the industrial drone industry.

To solve the bottleneck in application and meet the real needs of users are the dreams to every JTT member, whose aims are to promote the development of drone industry.

With the breakthrough of flight controllers, opto-electronic pods, power systems and other technologies, industrial drones will be more intelligent and simpler to operate, and more convenient to carry. This is the future of the drone industry.

Shenzhen JTT Technology Co., Ltd.

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