Featured Multirotor

Kitty Hawk Corporation Flyer

Created as an FAA CFR Part 103 Ultralight the Kitty Hawk Corporation does not require a licence for the pilot or registration for the aircraft.

An interesting situation, a manned RPA (for that is what it is) needing less paperwork than a Mavic.

For now, the Flyer is constrained to an altitude of 3m and a speed of 20mph. Flight time depends on environmental factors and if fat chaps like me are flying it, Kitty Hawk claim between 12 and 20 minutes.

The tail numbers and press pictures indicate they have at least 4 of them and that they operate duel GPS. Looks like a lack of yaw pedals as the nose is very slow to follow around a corner.

No price as yet but they do have a Founder Flyers group that you can apply online to join. Of course, I have applied for sUAS News, I am sure we can afford one. The Founder’s group is by invitation only.

It has been a bad week for electric manned flight, two Siemens engineers were killed after their aircraft had a runaway fire in flight.

I wonder just how many people will buy the Flyer.


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