AERTEC’s TARSIS RPAS Completes Automated Operations from Sand

AERTEC Solutions has reached a new technological milestone in the
RPAS sector in Spain with its unmanned fixed-wing aerial platform TARSIS 75. This RPAS, built in carbon fibre, has made a complete and automatic operation in the Arenosillo area, on the beach of Mazagón (Huelva) , thus expanding its range of capabilities in unconventional operation areas.
TARSIS 75 is the first RPAS in its category to successfully complete a full automatic operation on beach sand in Europe.

Thanks to the close collaboration that AERTEC Solutions has with the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), in the first days of June a series of TARSIS 75 flights were carried out in the facilities of the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (CEDEA), one of the largest segregated airspaces in Europe. To date, there is no record in both Spain and Europe that other RPAS with similar characteristics to the TARSIS 75 have successfully completed an fully automated operation of these characteristics, from a beach. Takeoff, flight and landing have been carried out automatically, so that this new technological milestone comes to add to the performance of the fixed-wing aerial platform developed by AERTEC.

This new development expands the range of observation and surveillance operations of the TARSIS 75, providing a greater flexibility. Immigration control, emergency support, support to fishing fleets or environmental operations, stand out among other applications to benefit from this capability. The TARSIS 75 is a light tactical high-performance unmanned aircraft, fully designed with AERTEC’s own technology, ready to transport a
maximum payload of up to 12 Kg and reach a maximum autonomy of 12 hours.

These tests with the TARSIS 75 were carried out following the participation of the company in UNVEX SECURITY & DEFENSE, the European summit of remotely piloted air systems (RPAS) that took place in León from May 29 to 31.

The first operational evaluation campaign of the TARSIS 75 was also carried out in León a few months ago, by the Rapaz program promoted by the General Directorate of Armament and Materials (DGAM) of the Ministry of Defense to evaluate different RPAS for future acquisitions by the Spanish Armed Forces.

AERTEC is following the operation campaigns of the Ministry of Defense within the RAPAZ program. This will allow the TARSIS systems to be tested by the Spanish Army and using their extensive operational experience to identify specific improvements, which, added to the capacity of adaptation by AERTEC Solutions as design authority, will allow for a full compliance of the system with the requirements from the user.

About AERTEC Solutions

AERTEC Solutions is an international engineering firm specialising in technologies applied to aeronautics. The company has references from more than 100 international airports spread out over 40 countries in five continents and has a presence in the world’s large aeronautical programmes, including the A350XWB, A400M, A320 and A330MRTT programmes, among others.

The company is currently a Tier 1 supplier of manufacturing engineering services and programme management to the Airbus Group for its civil and military aircraft, in addition to providing its know-how and experience in industrialisation activities, manufacturing support, assembly and design, production support and testing systems engineering.

The company employs a team of over 500 professional experts in aeronautics and has offices in Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Colombia and the United States.

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