Zubax Myxa Revolutionary Motor Controller Technology Boasts 10-15% Power Efficiency Advanced FOC Speed Controller for UAVs and Unmanned Watercraft

Bohemia, New York USA (May 22, 2018) – Titan Elite, Inc., the distributor of Zubax Robotics products, announces the availability of the revolutionary Myxa ESC product line.

The Zubax Myxa product line should be recognized as the biggest advance in unmanned vehicle efficiency gain since the mass adoption of lithium batteries. The unmanned vehicle space, specifically the UAV industry, has attempted to make incremental gains for longer operational (flight) time. Through developments in improved propeller and motor design to the widespread adoption of composite airframe materials, the industry observes incremental flight time gains only measurable in single digit percentage
improvements. The Zubax Myxa is an electronic speed controller that does not use conventional BLDC control algorithms but instead uses the patent-pending Télega vector control techniques to improve the efficiency of the power system by around 15%.

The Zubax Myxa can be equipped with an optional BEC, an optional redundant CAN bus and can provide up to 600W of continuous power, depending on the configuration. The Myxa is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces including RC PWM in order to provide flexibility with popular autopilots. An open-source control panel can be used to tune the speed controller with your motor for optimal efficiency and performance.

Zubax Robotics is a developer of an advanced unmanned vehicle and robotic technology and plays an active role in the development and maintenance of the UAVCAN standard, Dronecode project and other ongoing projects. Zubax has supported the robotics and unmanned vehicle markets with forward-thinking GNSS receivers, electronic speed controllers and innovative supporting peripherals since 2015.

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Titan Elite, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-end electronic products, specifically those involved in mission-critical applications for government and high-end organizational use.

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