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UAVOS ApusDuo test flight

UAVOS INC. has successfully flown a model of their proposed solar-powered aircraft. They say that the placement of engines makes it possible to take off without the use of towing equipment and start carts.

It’s hand launched, just like the Zephyr.

UAVOS Inc, is a Mountain View-based company specialized in unmanned solutions, is introducing a new solution – a control system for aircraft with a flexible wing for high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite). New flight control principles will allow to shift the geographic area of “solar” aircraft flights to more northern latitudes.

HAPS will provide unique opportunities for using this solution in both civilian and defence areas, and for security tasks. UAVs powered by solar energy can serve for long continuous monitoring of the area of interest on the Earth’s surface to get real-time information. To meet the demands of telecommunication companies, HAPS can create a network of autonomous repeaters of radio and high-speed data signals over practically any territory, including the Northern regions during the summer, where the use of regular aircraft is highly problematic due to economic reasons, and weather conditions.

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