Robot Aviation AS of Norway is pleased to announce the acquisition of UAS -Europe AB located in the Swedish Aviation Capital of Linköping.

The acquisition reinforces the vision of Robot Aviation to provide its customers with long-endurance, safe and easy-to-operate a wide variety of drones UAS (drones) for Military & Commercial applications, with increasing operational effectiveness and decreasing operational costs.

The acquisition will enable Robot Aviation to secure a ensure rapid and harmonious growth to meet the rising demand for our unmanned systems worldwide. The acquisition brings Robot Aviation both a strategic partnership and also an enriched R&D team with unique skills. The group’s workforce has now increased to 50 people.

“During our collaborations with Robot Aviation, we have been very impressed with the team’s vision and energy. We are very happy to be joining the Robot Aviation team and to participate in the very dynamic growth of the company”, says Paul Holmstedt, the founder and CEO of UAS -Europe

‘’The addition of UAS -Europe’s product line makes us an even more attractive provider of unmanned systems. The Robot Aviation product line has mission requirements ranging from the Arctic with its extremely challenging conditions, further down to the hot and dusty desert regions and with a high interest for maritime duties around the equator., Together with UAS Europe we provide a genuine Global Capability with maximum exportability’’ says Niklas Nyroth, Director of Sales at Robot Aviation AS

“We are serious about taking the position as a leading provider of unmanned system solutions and to do that, rapid growth is indispensable. In this context, it is crucial to be able to gain a sustainable and solid technological edge over the competition. This purchase means for us, as it will strengthen our portfolio and enable us to address new market segments, as well as strengthen our innovative capability and hence our development potential,” concludes Børre Larsen, CEO of Robot Aviation AS.

Robot Aviation will complement the offering of its the existing SkyRobot FX20 and SkyRobot FX450 unmanned aircraft systems as well as complementing it with the proven Spy Owl 200 from by UAS -Europe under the name SkyRobot FX10.

About Robot Aviation AS

Robot Aviation was established in Norway in 2008. We develop and produce Unmanned Aircraft Systems with the aim to deliver a working solution for the end user. We imagine that our systems will be in use for inspection, monitoring and, surveillance, with integrated high-end technologies bridging the digital and material world aboard our aircraft. s, bridging the digital and the material world. Robot Aviation has offices in Norway, Poland, and the US.

About UAS -Europe AB

UAS Europe The company is considered to be as one of the leading developers of small unmanned aircraft systems and subcomponents in Europe. For more than five years we have supplied small unmanned aircraft systems to organizations all over the world such as USA, Germany, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, Lithuania and, Bulgaria. etc.

Our field-proven NATO STANAG 4586 compliant SkyView GCS ground control station software for unmanned systems has been used by more than 30 organizations all over the world. We try to constantly improve our products for safety, capability and most important usability. Our qualified support team makes sure our customers get the best available support and that they are treated with respect.

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