Jonathan Evans to step down as Co President, Skyward

Posting on LinkedIn, Jonathan Evans has announced that he is stepping down as vice president of Skyward.

My focus and my passion has always been the future. Leading Skyward to the next great milestone—and the next and the next—is what gets me up in the morning. And so it’s my great honor to share that Mariah Scott will take the reins and lead the company, including our software and services, as the President of Skyward. I am moving into a new role as Head of Innovation, focused on what I love– creating the future–and leveraging teams and resources across the global drone ecosystem to bring this vision to life. I’ll also continue to lead the Global UTM Association as its President. All of these efforts require focused and passionate leadership, and we feel these roles play into our strengths and allow us to bring Skyward boldly into the future.

sUAS News wishes Jonathan well in his new position, we have followed Skyward’s progress with interest right back from before Skyward. Jonathan spoke at the 2014 sUSB Expo. Quite by chance, the expo happens again later this week.