FLYING-CAM The Journey to Reaching the Impossibles just begins!

FLYING-CAM, the world leader in Design and Manufacturing of Unmanned Helicopter, as well as the pioneer of professional drone filming services, celebrates its 30th anniversary with a World Premiere of its latest product, the DISCOVERY, at Xponential 2018 in Denver, USA (Booth #3922).

Winners of 2 Oscar Award ® and 1 Emmy Award ®, as the CEO and Founder of FLYING-CAM, Emmanuel Previnaire said, “FLYING-CAM’s Professional approach, which is always to strive for excellence, and apply general aviation knowledge and airmanship, will continue to push the company’s engineers towards the summit of achievement.”

The Oscar® for Scientific and Engineering Award in 2014 was awarded for the Flying-Cam SARAH’s development, a future-proof vision towards robotics. The citation reads, “with unparalleled sophistication, Flying-Cam SARAH achieves shots impossible for full-size helicopters, cable systems or other traditional camera support devices.”

Bearing significant payload and endurance, the Flying-Cam unmanned helicopter possesses unrivalled stability and manoeuvrability for low and high-altitude missions, against strong winds, extreme temperatures and difficult terrain.

Strictly adhering to aviation standards, embracing with 30years field experience for over 1000 projects in more than 75 countries, FLYING-CAM is now offering its “Super Drones”, named SARAH and DISCOVERY (soon to unveil), fully integrated with the state-of-arts sensors carefully chosen to match the supreme platform quality for a variety of applications ranging from Entertainment Industry, Homeland Security, Earth Monitoring, and in general High Precision Remote Sensing.

Based since 1988 in Liege Belgium, FLYING-CAM operates today also from Hong Kong and Los Angles.

Join Flying-Cam’s DISCOVERY world premiere, on the May 1 at Xponential 2018 #Booth 3922!

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