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Drone Flying Demonstrations At The SUSB EXPO 2018

This is your chance to hear first hand from successful drone industry professionals and see live “cage free” demonstrations of applications, products and safety mitigations for drones. If you have an interest in drones or are looking for more information about what they can do or get into the drone business, this might be the symposium for you.

April 25th will be a full day of presentations on subjects inspirational and educational to the drone business community at the Marines’ Memorial Club, 609 Sutter Street. April 26th will be a day of presentations and live flying demonstrations on Treasure Island SF Drone School Research Center, 751 13th Street. Gain insight on how farmers can use drones to pollinate their crops and how Firefighters can direct or operate them to save lives, also there will be a can’t miss opportunity hear about risk mitigation for flying over people and digital micro radar that can be flown onboard drones for collision avoidance and detection. Epson will be hosting an open to the public demonstration of their Moverio BT-300 glasses. Come on by and take a virtual test fly free of charge!

For more information and to purchase a ticket to the Expo visit – www.SUSBexpo.com

For those interested in getting their FAA Part 107 UAS license can sign up for a one-day workshop at the SF Drone School located on Treasure Island!



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