DJI Announce Reduced Prices for Enterprise Range

Price update includes the Matrice 200, Matrice 210, Matrice 210 RTK and Zenmuse Z30.
DJI has today announced reduced prices of a number of products throughout the DJI Enterprise range. Drone operators can now access the Matrice 200, Matrice 210, Matrice 210 RTK and Zenmuse Z30 at rates significantly cheaper than previously quoted.

The announcement comes as DJI look to increase the accessibility of enterprise products to the wider commercial market. The revised prices represent an excellent step forward for many vertical industries and further strengthen DJI’s position as the leading commercial drone provider.

COPTRZ, the UK based DJI Enterprise dealer, are the first to have applied the reduced prices to their range with immediate effect.

Steve Coulson, Founder and Managing Director at COPTRZ explains: “We are delighted to announce the revised prices of the DJI Enterprise range. It’s a brave move from DJI, but one which I think will pay off. The cost of acquiring a commercial platform such as an M210 has been a barrier for a number of businesses looking to integrate drones into their current operations. This announcement has changed that and I’m excited to see how this will help drive the industry forward through making top of the range commercial drones accessible to all.”

The revised prices for DJI Enterprise products are available from COPTRZ.