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Consortiq changes to training pricing

Today we’re really excited to announce an important change to our pricing.

When we first set up as a provider of drone training in the UK, the landscape was sparse; the choice was limited.

This didn’t stop us innovating though. We rapidly established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading CAA-approved training providers.

More than 1000 customers have received our awesome course study manual, accessed our comprehensive online training material and been trained by our dedicated team of instructors in our friendly ground school classes and flight assessment locations.

But Consortiq has much more to say about the future of drones and our vision is clear: provide the knowledge and tools to enable highly automated, and ultimately autonomous, drone fleets to operate safely in all environments.

We believe the human’s role as pilot will change over time and consequently, the training required will need to adapt.

That’s why we developed CQNet, the most efficient way to manage your drone operations. Our web and mobile apps include powerful flight planning tools, airspace advisories, checklists, logs and safety management features. It meets the needs of smaller operators yet offers enterprise-level features and security for large scale operations too.

So, 2 core pillars: training and software, and 1 vision.

We’ll have more to say in the coming weeks and months about our other courses, how we intend to bring these pillars together and how it all fits into our overall strategy. However, we’re starting with the price of our training.

Starting today our flagship product, the UAQ Fast Track, will be priced at £999 + VAT and will include all the same great features mentioned above. We’re passionate about our customers, so anyone who has booked with us in the last 14 days has already been refunded the difference.

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by some, but not us. Take a look at our course listings and book now.

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