Ardenna and HUVRdata Announce Collaboration to Bring AI-Based Defect Detection Automation to Enterprise Industrial Asset Management Solution

Customers Will Benefit from Faster Access to Asset Health and Increased Asset Visibility, Directly Translating to Lower O&M Expenditures

Ardenna, the leading provider of automated detection and classification software for image data from infrastructure inspections and HUVRdata, the leading provider of Enterprise Industrial Asset Management Reporting and Analytic solutions to Fortune 500 Energy and Renewables companies, have announced a collaboration to offer an integrated platform. Industrial customers already enjoying lower O&M expenditures facilitated by HUVRdata’s platform will see further cost reductions and improved efficiencies as Ardenna’s AI-based automation significantly decreases the need for a direct human review of the imagery. The repeatability and consistency resulting from Ardenna’s intelligent image processing software will enhance the quality of the results generated in HUVRdata’s reporting and analytics platform.

Enterprise asset owners face three common challenges when integrating drones into their operations and maintenance flows. First, developing a strategy for incorporating the data from increasingly disparate sources such as humans, drones, fixed cameras and sensors in a way that meets each Enterprise’s IT security, scaling and access requirements. Second, reducing the data review time required to generate
actionable results and minimizing the errors/inconsistencies introduced by human fatigue, repetition and individual judgement. Thirdly, integrating the reporting and analytics with existing business systems.

“With the Ardenna / HUVRdata combined solution, Enterprise Asset Owners across multiple markets will be able to automate the defect detection process, incorporate Inspector-collected data and integrate to existing asset management solutions in a seamless and cost-effective manner”, said Ben Williams HUVRdata Co-Founder. “Further, this platform will provide each asset owner with full control of their data structure and allow sophisticated analytics to reduce their O&M expenses and increase asset life and efficiency.”

“The sheer volume of imagery and data collected during asset inspections is ever expanding aided by the integration of drones in O&M workflows. Our automated defect detection solutions increase throughput while reducing human errors,” said David Patterson, Ardenna’s Director of Business Development.

“Current and new enterprise customers utilizing HUVRdata’s platform will see immediate automation enhancements which will lead to further refinements of the data workflow and analytics within HUVRdata’s platform.”

The integrated solution will initially target the following markets: Transportation (ex: Rail), Energy (ex: Oil and Gas, Solar, Wind) and Infrastructure (ex: Electrical Utilities, Bridges).

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