ARA Robotics unveil SKYMATE

ARA Robotics, a Canadian UAV technology leader, is proud to unveil SKYMATEtm

SKYMATEtm is a revolutionary commercial flight controller built for multirotor UAV configurations, dedicated to industrial applications such as 2D/3D aerial inspection and mapping. With many years of flight validation in harsh Canadian weather, ARA Robotics has proven its product’s reliability across multiple recognized companies, including aerospace giants. SKYMATEtm is now ready to respond to industry needs internationally.

SKYMATEtm is the culmination of years of research and development and reflects ARA Robotics’ belief that innovation, reliability and safety should be the standard in all industrial drone operations. A unique and dedicated mission managing software is included in the SKYMATEtm flight controller series, helping transform the planning, simulation and monitoring of complex missions, making them simple and repeatable

ARA Robotics is dedicated to changing the way businesses view their assets and manage their resources, by striving for constant improvement and technical innovation.

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