Airborne Sensor Operators Group (ASOG) Releases its First Professional Standards Guide

ASOG, is a first of its kind global professional aircrew network that was established in 2017 to fill a professional void regarding those aircrew individuals who operate remote-sensors from a manned or unmanned aircraft, is pleased to announce the recent release of it’s first professional guide – The ASO Professional Standards Guide.   

There are currently no formal global civil, professional standards published regarding individuals participating as crewmember conducting aerial remote-sensing activities. One of the goals of ASOG is to develop minimum standards for Airborne Sensor Operators (ASO) to ensure the advancement of aviation safety, the aerial remote sensing/aerial work sectors, and the individual ASO across public, military, academic, or private sectors. This document is current progress toward institutionalizing the role of the ASO. In its entirety, this standards document describes the primary functional areas associated with ASO duties & responsibilities.

Patrick Ryan, Founder & Managing Director of ASOG, said, “We’re extremely excited to have helped our professional community start formalizing and improve by producing this guide. Our goal is to continue with developing other guides in the areas of specific ASO career paths and training for future and current ASOs to benefit by.”

ABOUT ASOG – ASOG is a group of people interested or who are dedicated airborne remote-sensing professionals from both manned and unmanned platforms and various aviation disciplines (aerial photography, aerial remote sensing, research, police aviation, aerial firefighting, military etc.). The group intends to discuss relevant topics, share advice, exchange knowledge, highlight job opportunities and the “know who, how to” for experienced and new Airborne Sensor Operators (ASO) around the world. For more information, visit