Scholar Farms Releases Comprehensive Plant Mapping With Drones Masterclass

Gregory Crutsinger (PhD) and team have released a deep dive course for integrating drones into plant mapping with the Phytomappers Pro masterclass, available now.

San Francisco, CA.  Scholar Farms, an educational training institution that produces state-of-the-art video training materials for vegetation mapping, today released their first drone-mapping course, Phytomappers Pro. This course explains how to integrate drones into commercial workflows for agriculture, forestry, environmental consultancies, scientific research and other plant-related industries.

Drone mapping has taken off in recent years across industries, with over 25 million acres of the earth mapped to date by users of popular mapping software. While conducting research as an ecologist and university professor, Dr. Gregory Crutsinger began testing the use of UAVs and became fascinated with how autonomous drone technology could transform the plant sciences in new and exciting ways. Today, many organizations are beginning to adopt drones in agriculture, but often find it hard to achieve the data results they want.  

“Navigating the drone industry can be a daunting process with so many options for hardware, sensors, and software. Then, it can then be quite challenging to understand what all those data mean for different kinds of plants and across the growing season,” says Greg. “Phytomappers Pro was built to provide a solid foundation for plant professionals to get up to speed quickly and integrate drone effectively into their everyday workflow”.

Phytomappers Pro is designed for drone service providers, commercial agriculture team members, land managers, and academics (students, faculty, and researchers) that want to get the best results from using drones for mapping in the field. The course contains over 100 video lectures and a dozen case studies covering different vegetation applications, including as crops, forestry, ecology, and more. Example datasets and labs provide hands-on experience in data processing without even needing to own a drone. The course covers topics for all skill levels.

Users of the course should expect results directly correlated to professional applications. Toby Hackford manages the Precision Agriculture Drone Program at San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee and had this to say about Phytomappers Pro: “This course provided San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee with the thread we needed to stitch our precision agriculture solution together. Using the Phytomappers Pro masterclass by Scholar Farms, we had the necessary tools to procure equipment, fly missions, take photos, process data and finally analyze actionable results for our farmers. Armed with information gained from this course and thanks to the knowledge and expertise thoughtfully presented by Gregory Crutsinger, we can keep up to speed with the organic changes of our coffee farms as well as the exponential innovation of the drone industry.”  

The course is available for $397 from

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