NEDO, KDDI, Terra Drone, Secom Succeed in the World’s First Wide-Area Security with Multiple Autonomous Flying Drones Using 4G LTE

NEDO (The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization), KDDI(a Japanese telecommunications operator), Terra Drone(a Japanese industrial drone service provider), SECOM(a Japanese security company) succeeded in the world’s first security verification experiments of multiple drones using 4G LTE mobile communication network at a wide-area facility.

In this demonstration experiment, remote patrol security by four autonomous flying drones was conducted utilizing KDDI’s “Smart Drones Platform.” With remote patrol security flying multiple drones, it leads to security enhancement such as the discovery of suspicious individuals and fire, alerting attention, night security and so on.

1. Overview

In February 2018, NEDO, KDDI, Terra Drone, SECOM utilized the mobile communication network of 4G LTE to fly the drones autonomously for the first time in the world in leisure facility in Kanagawa prefecture.

In this demonstration experiment, KDDI’s “Smart Drones Platform” was used to conduct the remote patrol with “Smart Drone” that can fly long-distance.

Many effects are expected for remote patrol security utilizing multiple drones. Specifically, by remotely monitoring camera images installed in the drone from the operation control room, it is possible to respond promptly, such as finding suspicious individuals. Also, by combining multiple drones with different missions, wide-area surveillance will be improved, and security of large facilities will be further reinforced. Also, a speaker, LED light, an infrared camera can be equipped with the Smart Drone that can be alerting attention to suspicious individuals and discovering suspicious fire, which also leads to strengthening security at night security.

In addition to requiring more stringent security measures at large-scale sports events and international conferences, the reduction of the workforce in Japan will require more efficient security response than ever.

Also, this demonstration experiment was carried out as part of “Research and Development of Flight Management Functions Corresponding to Security Services” in NEDO’s “Energy Saving Society Realization Project (DRESS project) ”

2. The Content of Demonstration Experiment

In the demonstration experiment, NEDO, KDDI, Terra Drone and Secom remotely monitor the inside of the facilities from the Traffic Management Center, flying autonomously four drones equipped with a high sensitivity camera, speakers, infrared camera, LED light to discover suspicious individuals and fire, and to conduct night guards.

Long-Distance autonomous flight, which is one of the features of “Smart Drone,” applies to the security of the facility where existing surveillance cameras cannot recognize. By managing the data received from multiple drones in a centralized manner in the operation management system, it provides 360° seamless surveillance solutions.



・Provide Drone’s LTE communication module and flight management system, and conduct remote autonomous flight using 4G LTE communication network.

Terra Drone

・Implement the entity for development of operational control functions of drones for security.

・ Develop a flight control system that creates and manages scheduled flight operations of multiple drones.

・Handle sudden flight operations.

・Manage airspace.


・Develop “Secom Drone,” the world’s first autonomous miniature flight robot for private crime prevention and security application.