Neat Brands, LLC (DroneFly, DSLRPros) UAV/Drone Product Development Manager

Neat Brands, LLC (DroneFly, DSLRPros) UAV/Drone Product Development Manager

The role of new UAV product development manager is to assess markets, trends and identify strategic growth opportunities. This includes conducting extensive customer research in pursuit of future business models and product platforms that fill gaps in technology or services.

Primary Role

  • Assess and evaluate the viability of new technology solutions that build on the core competencies of both Dronefly and DSLRPros
  • Research commercial drone industry and adjacent industry trends. Make recommendations to the executive team on product strategy.
  • Provide initial scope of ideas to determine market, financial and technical fit
  • Perform gap analysis on key areas to identify unmet needs, conduct competitive research

Day to Day Typical Types of Activities

  • Establish initial vendor/partner relationships during the technology feasibility study
  • Negotiate pricing and/or service contracts on behalf of Neat Brands ( and on ordering once we’ve completed the initial technology feasibility study
  • Manage project specific budgets related to establishing the bill of materials for the direct product or supporting accessories
  • Act as interface with all key stakeholders required to successfully launch new products/solutions (marketing, purchasing, operations, sales, as well as external customers to conduct initial customer feedback surveys)
  • Generate product marketing content on the technical specifications and based
  • Complete initial production order to facilitate the hand-off of purchasing
  • Complete sales & support rep training.
  • Business Development. Work with manufacturers, software providers, and other industry players to develop strategic alliances, distribution relationships, or joint ventures.

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