Conformal Displays for Visual Masking RFI – request for input

Conformal Displays for Visual Masking RFI – request for input

The U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) in Quantico, VA, identifies future challenges and opportunities, develops warfighting concepts, and comprehensively explores options in order to inform the combat development process and meet the challenges of the future operating environment. As such, it continuously seeks new concepts and technologies that can be applied to 21st-century combat, and rigorously explores those capabilities through live force experimentation.

MCWL typically seeks technologies that fall into one of the following categories:

Already at the prototype stage or beyond, and that can be used “as-is” or modified to meet MCWL’s needs within a year and at a cost of under $1 million (preferably under $500,000.)
Not yet at a testable prototype stage, but able to deliver testable prototypes within two years and at a cost of under $1 million (preferably under $500,000).
However, any technology relevant to topics of interest listed below — at any point from concept to fielded products – might be reviewed and considered for MCWL experimentation.

MCWL is especially interested in responses from non-traditional sources; i.e., organizations that do not typically supply the Marine Corps or DOD and welcomes novel and innovative approaches.

MCWL’s current technology topics of interest are listed to the right. Those with an active Request for Information (RFI) are listed first, with a Response Due Date. Click on each to see the corresponding RFI language, including a Statement of Need and Instructions for Respondents.