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Amsterdam Drone Week launched to service UAV industry

Co-created events festival brings the supply chain of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry together to see the future of commercial drone applications come to live.

Amsterdam, Monday 19 March 2018 – From 26 – 30 November 2018 Amsterdam is the center where the global UAV industry meets. Launching the first Amsterdam Drone Week, this unique initiative is an events festival co-created by the European UAV industry, connecting science and regulatory bodies, corporates and startups. Attracting senior level industry peers and business leaders across multiple events, Amsterdam Drone Week welcomes the most engaged UAV audience.

The growth of the drone industry across the globe continues at an unprecedented rate and as a result, Amsterdam Drone Week aims to connect the value chain, offering combined new anchor events and an extensive social calendar featuring industry sessions, social celebrations and the EASA High Level Conference on Drones 2018.

High Level Conference on Drones

As part of the Amsterdam Drone Week the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) hosts their High Level Conference on Drones 2018 on 27 – 28 November 2018 in RAI Amsterdam. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management EASA organises this 2 day event for European expert leaders, policy makers and leading companies in the UAV industry. They discuss themes like the development of U-space, regulation needs, safety, security and privacy related to drone applications.

Safe drone operations in “Amsterdam Declaration”

EASA recently published the first formal Opinion on safe operations for small drones in Europe. Patrick Ky, EASA’s Executive Director said: “this regulation will enable the free circulation of drones and a level playing field within the European Union, while also respecting the privacy and security of EU citizens, and allowing the drone industry to remain agile, to innovate and continue to grow”. During Amsterdam Drone Week 2018 the “Amsterdam Declaration” is published which states the priorities for EASA and their European members for the coming year.

Open invitation: partner up with Amsterdam Drone Week

Amsterdam Drone Week invites companies and organisations within the UAV industry to be part of the event’s festival at www.amsterdamdroneweek.com. Conferences, general assemblies, client meetings, and other events that require global drone industry professionals to be present, can be hosted under the flag of Amsterdam Drone Week. Main location for events are conference and exhibition venue RAI Amsterdam. Paul Riemens, CEO of RAI Amsterdam says: “Amsterdam Drone Week showcases the future of the UAV industry. In many of our trade exhibitions we see future drone applications waiting for European regulations to come in place. RAI believes connecting the value chain of the UAV industry now, gives the industry a head-start when regulation falls into place. All commercial industries have one thing in common: Wanting to see the future of commercial drone applications come to life. And that’s what Amsterdam Drone Week stands for.”

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