Nine hours of flight for XTEK solar Lynx mapping drone

Nine hours of flight for XTEK solar Lynx mapping drone

XTEK operates a Lynx fixed wing UAS manufactured by SRP in Arizona USA. The Lynx has a class-leading endurance of 3 hours from a 3.5 Kg hand launched mapping platform and is capable of performing deep stall landings.

The Lynx represents exceptional bang for buck in the mapping of large acreage where endurance is a critical component of mission success.

The Lynx is operated by XTEK as part of our Australian XTatlas development.

Praxis Aeronautics is a South Australian start up company specialising in the development and manufacture of composite solar wings and has been chosen by XTEK to manufacture a Solar Wing for the Lynx to increase the current flight endurance of 3 hours to 9+ hours of daytime flight endurance.

Flight testing of the Solar Wing by XTEK commences late February 2018 in Yass River, NSW.

XTEK is proud to support Australian Industry Innovation. Congratulations to Don and Cameron from Praxis Aeronautics as their first prototype wing is of excellent world class standard and we cannot wait to put the new wing through its paces.

Thanks also to Matthew and Michael from SRP for taking the time to visit us in Canberra and throwing your support behind this Australian Industry initiative. It is a pleasure working with another innovative small company from the US with an exceptional mapping UAS capability.

If you would like to know more about the Lynx or our Lynx with solar wing then don’t hesitate to contact Tibor Fekete.

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