GRIFF Aviation has been awarded a $2M USD grant by the Research Council of Norway. The award from the government agency will be used on a joint-industry research project into drone operations and associated challenges at sea.

Joining GRIFF Aviation on the project are Olympic Shipping, Norut (the Northern Research Institute) and Stable, specialists in Marine Stabilized Platform technology.

Leif Johan Holand, CEO of Griff Aviation, said: ‘Myself and the whole team at GRIFF Aviation are delighted with this important award, and the belief and commitment it shows for our technologies.

‘On one hand, it means that our work will be able to go faster in order to get our technology fully usable at sea. The development and refinement of engines, propellers and batteries will be able to progress at an increased pace. We pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship – the design, shaping, moulding and testing is always time consuming. However, with this increased funding, we are looking forward to developing more items simultaneously.’

By Press