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Redefining sports coverage with the worlds safest drone

Today, advertising and brand communication in public settings and events are often limited to displays and billboards, making it very difficult to create lasting and engaging connections with customers and audiences.

AEROTAIN offers new and innovative ways to interact with an audience. Our patented flying machine can take virtually any shape and makes brands and products airborne. This allows us to create fun, interactive, and memorable experiences for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to the ability to carry broadcasting equipment, we can record and stream stunning videos and images of from above the field!

Our system is absolutely unconstrained and moves freely, on demand, automated or with our skilled pilots at controls, and at any given time! This is a new and yet to be seen way of advertising that will change the way people experience all future events.

AEROTAIN offers a plethora of games and shows that are available for events of all sizes. From Fan Cam at All-Star Game

Power Bank Delivery anything is feasible.

The system is safe and certified to fly above crowds as at NRJair 2017

Silent enough to be deployed at speeches as TEDx Zurich

With the ability to fly over crowds and with precise handling characteristics, we can cover a whole set of applications. AEROTAIN provides a great tool to take unprecedented aerial footage for broadcasters and event organizers alike.

We create unique experiences for brands and products thanks to individual designs and show concepts: Attention and recall are guaranteed. This opens up exciting possibilities for sporting event organizers since they can offer unique sponsorship packages. However, this is not only limited to sporting events – it is applicable to essentially anything including concerts, conferences, conventions, and public spaces. Wherever there is a crowd,

AEROTAIN is able to engage with them, creating viral and efficient brand communication.


► Safe to touch in flight and to fly above crowds

► Flight time of more than 2h

► Capable of carrying broadcasting equipment >2kg (4lbs)

► Able to perform any movement instantaneously

► Large size of typically 3m (10ft)

► Inside illumination enables glowing

► Creates very little noise


AEROTAIN is fueled by a dedicated team with various backgrounds. After working in Silicon Valley startups and US space agency NASA, we are thrilled to disrupt sports!

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