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Plexidrone refunds, but there is a condition.


Hands up all those that remember crowd funder Plexidrone, the Canadian quadcopter that became an octocopter. All really very good on paper, but now after multiple excuses, and three years late refunds are on the table for a lucky few.

This is what the current missive from DreamQii says about the delivery situation, and excuse me but it feels like another delaying tactic posted on New Year’s eve they said.

DreamQii has been engaged in a short run production of the PlexiDrone product line for the last 16 months. In order to achieve production rates that support backers, retailers, and B2B customers, DreamQii had to secure production partners with a demonstrated ability to produce high quality, high volume, and high-tech commercial goods.

DreamQii is happy to announce that after lengthy contract negotiations, the selection process for primary manufacturing partners has been completed. This gives DreamQii the capability to produce PlexiDrone in North America and abroad, which is critical for competing in the retail and industrial drone marketplace. DreamQii’s PlexiDrone manufacturing partner will be formally announced via press release in January 2018.


For a second time, refunds are being offered for early backers, there is a but. The but is, if you have said anything nasty about them anywhere you have to retract it before they will refund you.

Somebody, no names no pax drill, just stated their disappointment in what I thought was a very mellow way had this response from DreamQii.

Elizabeth M. (DreamQii Support + Learning Center) <[email protected]> wrote:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Hello XXXXX,

Thank you for your support inquiry, however, we do not agree with your statement and we will not be able to proceed with a refund unless you agree to retract it and then request a refund again. After you reply with a retraction of your statement then we can verify your identity and proceed with your request by looking into your account to determine if you are eligible for a refund. The next step after that then if you are eligible would include us asking you to log in to fill out an automated form, but if you are ineligible for a refund then we will notify you about that. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards,

Elizabeth M.

![***DreamQii Inc.***](https://dreamqii.com/…/12/DREAMQII-INC-LOGO-PLEXIDRONE.png)
**Customer Support Team**
**E-Mail:** [email protected]
**Support Website:** support.dreamqii.com
**Main Website:** dreamqii.com

This is plain bullying, shame on you DreamQii.

My advice, if you are still hanging on for this machine, seek a refund, I wonder why folks are not getting three years worth of interest on their investment as well.

If I were down several hundred dollars I might be less than polite in my communications with folks that have leveraged my cash.

I have reached out to Indigogo for comment but I a not expecting a response.

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